Students are required to pay a student charge to cover the cost of student services, registration and examinations.

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Mandatory fees

The free undergraduate fee initiative was introduced in 1995/96 by the Minister of Education and Science. Students are required to pay a student charge to cover cost of:

Student Services

Student contribution fee

Student Services costs include grants to the Students Union, clubs and societies, along with the costs of Careers & Opportunities, Student Support and Library services. The level of the charge is currently €3,000 for an academic year. This fee is payable by all non-grant aided students. Students who have applied for a grant are required to pay this fee if they don't subsequently receive grant approval.

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Gym membership charge

A student gym membership charge of €80 per annum, for gym usage for all full-time undergraduate students, has been introduced from 2008/09 following a referendum held by the students. This is a mandatory charge and will be billed to all students in advance of registration. Registration cannot be completed until this charge has been paid. All students in receipt of Higher Education Grants or VEC Grants are required to pay this charge, which is not covered by the Grant Scheme.