At National College of Ireland, we offer a variety of Springboard courses in the areas of computing. These courses are usually carried out in the evening and on weekends.  For more information on eligibility or to apply for a course visit the Springboard+ website

Upload your documents

As part of the application process, you are required to upload all supporting documentation to your online Springboard account:

  1. Please refer to the NCI Applicant Document Checklist for details of the supporting documents that must be uploaded to your Springboard account (see checklist below)
  2. Read the How to Upload Document Guide (see below)
  3. Download the NCI Applicant Document Checklist and complete Column C confirming what you have uploaded to your Springboard account  
  4. Email a copy of the NCI Applicant Document Checklist to to ensure that your application is assessed

NCI Applicant Document Checklist

How to Upload Your Documents Guide

Please note that the NCI Springboard team cannot accept any documents via email, they must be uploaded to your online Springboard account. Only when you are confident that all supporting documentation has been uploaded to your Springboard account should you then return the completed NCI Applicant Document Checklist to  Your application will not be reviewed until we receive this checklist via email. Please note if you upload the checklist to your Springboard account rather than email it to us there is a strong chance that your application will not be reviewed.


If you have recently received an email from requesting you complete an interview online please ensure you read the following;

Sparkhire Training Guide


RPEL stands for Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning, which is a scheme run by NCI that can allow you to gain admission to a programme based on you providing evidence of relevant learning you achieved through your experiences in a workplace or community setting. This is an opportunity for you to gain entry to a programme if you do not meet the standard academic entry requirements.  If you have to complete an RPEL form, a member of the Springboard team will assess your application first and will then provide you with further instruction and details of workshops that are run in the college to assist you in completing the form.

RPEL Form Word Version

Pay your fees

The Springboard+ and ICT Skills scheme allows for 100% funding of the tuition cost of these programmes if you are unemployed. For those in employment, a student contribution fee is required. This is payable by the participant or their employer and must be paid in full by 15 March 2019.

Action Item: Please review your Springboard application form if you have indicated that you are in employment as this student contribution fee is applicable. 

Please note that your status at the point of enrolling on the course is what you are locked into for the duration of the course. For example, if you were employed at the point of enrolling but later your circumstances changed, you are still liable for the 10% fee. The same would apply if you were unemployed at the point of enrolling and later secured a job; we would not expect you to have to pay the 10% fee.

The fees are:

Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics: €540
Higher Diploma in Science in Web Technologies: €540
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing: €540
Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Data Analytics: €650
Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Cybersecurity: €695

An online payment link will open mid-February and students will be notified of this link once it is live and payment can then be made online.

Employer sponsorship

If your fees are being paid by your company you will need to complete a sponsorship form and return it to within two weeks of accepting your place on the course. The Springboard Team will then pass this form onto the Fees Office on your behalf.  When the form has been received, the company will be issued an invoice within five working days.

Refund policy

If a student withdraws before the commencement of the course, the full amount that they have paid is refundable. No refund will be processed once the student commences the course the week beginning 21 January.

Getting started

Registering as a student with NCI

We will email you a registration form in January which you can complete and return to the Springboard team via email. You will need your NCI student number and Course Name when completing this form.

IT Login Details


You can set your login details using the Password Management section of the website.

The Setting your Password Guide will give you a step-by-step guide through this process.

Student card

Your student card will be posted out to the address that you provided on your Springboard Application Form. We ask you to review the address that you have included on your Springboard courses online application form. If it is incomplete or incorrect in any way at all please email the Springboard Team on immediately with the exact address.

NCI offers a service that allows students to download a photo app to their smart phone or desktop/laptop and take their own Student Identification Photo. This photo will then be used to print your student card. Please check back on this webpage at the end of November for a step-by-step guide on this process.


You will be able to view your timetable with relevant room allocation two-three days before classes commence. Please check your timetables regularly as they can be subject to room changes.

ONLINE CLASSES: For anyone who has enrolled on an online course, we will provide you with details in a separate email of week beginning 14 September as to how you can access your online class.

Springboard+ Logo


Springboard+ is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.