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Part-Time Registration and Orientation for Springboard Students

We are delighted that you have chosen National College or Ireland (NCI) to pursue your education goals. On this page you will find everything you need in order to register as a student and prepare you for the commencement of your course.

Step 1 - Getting Your Login Details


You can set your login details using the Password Management section of the website.

The Setting your Password guide will give you a step-by-step guide through this process.

Step 2 - Getting Your Student Card

Your Student Card will be posted out the address that you provided on your Springboard Application Form. We ask you to review the address that you have included on your Springboard courses online application form. If it is incomplete or incorrect in any way at all please email the Springboard Team on springboard@ncirl.ie immediately with the exact address.

The photograph that you uploaded as part of your application supporting documentation will be used to create your student card. If you have not uploaded a suitable photograph please do so immediately. You can review the guidelines below:

  • Jpeg only
  • Clear, Sharp and in focus.
  • Head straight to camera and show full front view as you would normally appear.
  • Your expression should be neutral.
  • Sunglasses and hats should not be worn and only head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted.
  • Background should be a plain, light coloured background.
  • There should be no other person in the photograph.

Step 3 - Registration & Orientation

A registration form will be issued to you via email once you have accepted your offer on the Springboard website. Much of the information gathered in this form is for HEA statistical purposes only and as the same form is used for all NCI candidates, including those who are under 18, much of the form will not be relevant to you. With this in mind, completing the form and returning it to the Springboard Team is completely voluntary. Should you decide to complete the form please feel free not to respond to any questions you do not wish to answer. Finally for those of you who do decide to complete this form please simply email it back to us at springboard@ncirl.ie putting ‘Completed NCI Registration form’ and your full name in the Subject Line of the email and return the form to us via email. Please note that Springboard students are not required to attend the college in person for registration.

You will need your NCI student number and Course Name when completing this form, the details of both are available on your Student Card. Once you receive your student card in the post please email the registration back to the Springboard Team.

We understand that getting started in college can be a little daunting and finding the right information can sometimes be difficult; that’s why we are creating a handy orientation video just for you. This will be emailed to you before your first class.

Step 4 - Your Timetable

You can view your course timetable at any stage online by using the dedicated timetable section of the website.

Simply search for your course then choose your week & day range. You have already been provided with an indicative timetable for your course. However, please note that timetables are never confirmed until they are published on the NCI website. You will be able to view your timetable with relevant room allocation 2 - 3 days before classes commence. For those enrolling on an online course, the Springboard team will provide you with details in a separate email on Friday 19th January of how you can access your first online class.

Essential Information

IT Services - "How To" Videos

Course & Assignments

Programme Co-ordinators administer the daily management of all courses in the college.  The school administration offices are located in Room 3.03 on the 3rd floor.   Please follow signs provided.

The programme co-ordinators can help you with course information, queries around timetables and any issues or concerns you may have while completing your studies with NCI.  You will be assigned a specific programme co-ordinator depending on your course of study.

Your designated programme co-ordinator will send you a ‘Welcome Email’ at the start of the semester so you will know who to contact should you have any queries in the future.

Library Services

The Library– we have a range of services and all the information is just one click away from the front page of the college website.

The Basics – starting out as a new student, the best place to find the information you need to know is our library basics guide.

Finding books – once you start looking at your reading lists, you’ll need to know how to find a book in the library; this guide shows you how to do it.

Library guides – after you have got to grips with the basics, there are plenty more library guides to help you which you can access here.

Discovery – the library has lots of online resources that you can use for your studies; this guide can help you search these resources and find information you can use for your assignments.

Referencing and plagiarism – when writing your assignments, you will be asked to reference the information you use and avoid plagiarism; this guide helps you better understand what’s required.

Library Help Centre – the library also has a department to help you with your assignments; further details can be found here.

International students – if you are an international student, you may find adjusting to college life a little more challenging; this guide is designed to help you make that adjustment.

Contact Us - As you begin your course, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help; drop into the library, call us on 01-4498590 or email us at library@ncirl.ie

Support For You

In the Learning and Teaching Office you will find the Student Support team who are available to help you in a variety of areas. Through their “Getting to Grips” sessions, they will help you with academic support. You will also find the Disability Support service here who can provide learning, assistive technology, exam support and more.

If you need any help while in NCI drop into the Learning and Teaching Office beside reception, the team are always happy to offer a listening ear, have a chat or they can link you with the college counsellor and medical service.

Students Union - Get Involved

The Students’ Union is your voice in the college. Whether it’s issues concerning your course or the college entertainments, student welfare, clubs & societies or entertainments, the Executive team represent all NCI students and provide support for any problems you face throughout your time here.

The SU space is one of the social hubs of college. A great place to relax, here you’ll find pool tables, games consoles, casual seating space and the Executive offices. Events are held throughout the year and all students are encourages to get involved.

You can find out all about the SU on their website.

Course Start Dates

Part-Time Postgraduate Diploma Schedules

Postgraduate Diploma in Science in Data Analytics

  • Classes start: 23/01/2018 6pm
  • Indicative Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 10pm and every Saturday 9am to 4pm. Every second Tuesday will be a 5pm start for Career Bridge.

Part-Time Higher Diploma Schedules

Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics

  • Classes start: 22/01/2018 6pm
  • Indicative Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 10pm and a number of Saturdays 9am to 6pm.
  • Every second Monday will be 5pm start for Career Bridge.

Higher Diploma in Science in Web Technologies (Online Delivery)

  • Classes start: 22/01/2018 6pm
  • Indicative Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 10pm and a number of Saturdays 9am to 6pm. Every second Monday will be a 5pm start for Career Bridge.

Higher Diploma in Science in Computing Software Development Specialisation

  • Classes start: 22/01/2018 6pm
  • Indicative Online Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 10pm and some Saturdays 9am to 6pm. Every second Monday will be a 5pm start for Career Bridge.
  • Indicative Classroom Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm to 10pm and every second Saturday 9am to 6pm. Every second Monday will be a 5pm start for Career Bridge.

Higher Diploma in Science in Fintech

  • Classes start: 22/01/2018 6pm
  • Indicative Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday 6pm to 10pm. Every second Monday will be a 5pm start for Career Bridge.

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