Effective Application Forms

Watch short videos from Ibec, ESB, KPMG, Musgrave, Citi, Glanbia, Engineers Ireland, PwC & KPMG with advice on how to complete graduate application forms and use STAR stories to answer competency questions effectively.

Video 1: Completing Graduate Application Forms Advice from KPMG, IBEC Global Graduates, Glanbia, Aryzta, Accenture - 2.03 minutes

Video 2: Competency Interviews explained ESB, KPMG, Musgrave, Citi, Glanbia, Engineers Ireland - 2.56 minutes

Video 3: Competency Based Interviews PwC, KPMG - 1.27 minutes

Completing an application form is not simply a matter of presenting the company with information about yourself. You need to use the application form to persuade the recruiter to call you for interview. 

To give you an insight into the type of questions typically asked on application forms download our handout on typical Application Form Questions

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