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How to Apply

Applying to NCI is easy and free of any charge for international students. To make it simple for students to follow, we have a step-by-step guide for our application process below. Also, for all the general questions you may still have, we have given you answers to what students most frequently ask us.

NCI Application Cut off Dates:

September 2018 Cut Off Dates
27th July Student’s that need an Entry visa for Ireland
17th August
Student’s that don’t need an Entry visa for Ireland 
31st September
Student’s living in Ireland 

January 2018 Cut Off Dates
8th December Student’s that need an Entry visa for Ireland
3rd January
Student’s that don’t need an Entry visa for Ireland
5th January
Student’s living in Ireland

Step 1

Select the programmes that you would like to join.

Step 2

Download an Application Form from our website.

Step 3

Send us through the following information to admissions@ncirl.ie

  • Completed typed application form
  • Copy of your academic transcripts and certificates in English
  • Copy of your English language test result
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your resume/CV

Step 4

Each application is reviewed individually by our admissions team. They may come back looking for additional information, such as details on your work experience.

Step 5

Once we have assessed your application, you will receive one of the following:

Full offer, conditional offer or regret letter. This can take up to two weeks, however for some courses our Course Directors need to review each application which takes a little more time.

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