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Pro Rata Adjustment

A pro rata reduction in the required number of CPD hours for any given year may be granted to a member who is not during a defined period providing financial advice in Ireland as a qualified or grandfathered person.

Pro rata adjustments may be requested in the following circumstances:

  • Statutory maternity leave
  • Statutory adoption leave
  • Statutory block parental leave

Pro rata adjustments are not granted in the following situations:

  • Part-time work/job-sharing
  • Holidays (including where taken immediately prior to or following maternity/adoption/parental/carer’s leave)
  • Illness (unless long term certified illness following 2 or more months out of work)
  • Retirement/Redundancy/Unemployment
  • Career Break / Sabbatical Leave

Members should contact NCI in advance of taking such leave, to apply for a temporary exemption from CPD activity for the duration of the leave.

Those seeking a pro rata adjustment must submit a request form via email to cpd@ncirl.ie

The adjustment will only apply upon written notification from NCI.

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