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Annual Audit

Each member is responsible for keeping his / her own records in relation to CPD. Members are also required to keep supporting documentation as evidence of attendance at events or completion of a course e.g. attendance sheets, certificates of attendance, certificates of completion, computer printout/record of completion, written confirmation from employer etc.

It is essential to keep personal records and supporting documentation, as members will be required to present original versions of them should they be the subject of an audit at any stage.

NCI will audit a random sample of member returns each year in order to verify that the information received is correct. Should a member be the subject of an audit they will be required to present supporting documentation confirming attendance/completion for each CPD event (external to NCI) in their return e.g. proof of attendance incl certificates of attendance, certificates of completion,electronic record of completion, etc.

Any APP or PFP CPD Member who:

  • Fails to make an annual return and/or
  • Fails to co-operate when audited and/or
  • Fails to pay their membership fees and/or
  • Makes a false or seriously incorrect annual return

will be deemed to be in breach of NCI’s CPD scheme requirements and therefore in breach of one of the primary conditions of CPD membership

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