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Academic Policies and Procedures

NCI's academic policies and procedures are maintained in the Quality Assurance Handbook.


This Quality Assurance Handbook is a document to facilitate the implementation of policies and procedures that have been accepted by NCI to ensure a quality assured delivery of programmes and services to learners and other stakeholders, internal and external. Procedures outlined in the Handbook must be used in the operational management of all elements of College Life. As such, the Quality Handbook is a ‘living’ document and will be updated from time to time based on the following principles

  • Amendments as approved by Academic Council

  • Amendments as approved by Executive Board

NCI recognises its responsibility in relation to the Quality Assurance & Qualifications (Education & Training) Act, 2012 and its awarding body Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), to maintain, review and enhance these procedures in a cycle of continuous improvement.

This edition of the Handbook has been updated from that approved by QQI's predecessor HETAC under institutional review in 2010 to incorporate changes resulting from:

  • Operational review of procedures and policies and

  • Legislative changes.

  • Reviews of best practice

Policies and processes are updated on an ongoing basis. Details of updates are highlighted in the document version history at the beginning of each section.

  • Introduction

  • Quality Assurance Standards This section outlines how the Committees of the College operate, their function and their membership. It also outlines the roles of key personnel within College

  • Programme Development, Delivery, Review and Evaluation  This section outlines the procedures used to design, develop, monitor and evaluate programmes (courses) and the roles of key committees in that process. Information on policies and processes for Collaborative Provision and provision in other jurisdictions is contained in the Policy for Collaborative & Transnational Provision  .

  • Assessment and Awards This section outlines the rules by which all assessments are managed within College, from the organisation of the examination itself, the drafting of examination papers/assessments, correction of papers/assessments, learners with special requirements during assessment and the appeals and disciplinary processes.

  • Research This section outlines the framework within which Research is carried out at NCI

  • Access, Transfer & Progression  This section outlines the admissions policies and supports available to learners,  both academic and personal

These policy documents also take account of requirements for awards recognised for by other awarding and professional bodies such as Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) andICM.

For further information contact the Quality Assurance & Statistical Services Office at