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Full-Time Undergraduate

Mature Students

National College of Ireland is committed to providing equal access to education and equal opportunities for mature students. Students who are 23 years of age or older on the 1st January can apply directly to NCI for entry to full-time education the following autumn. Applications will be accepted up until 31st July. However, this closing date is subject to demand and therefore may change. 

Accepting your place

In order to accept your place please go to the New Students section of the website and carefully as pertains to your type of study i.e. Full Time Undergraduate, Part Time Postgraduate etc. Please note you will not be a registered student of National College of Ireland until these steps have been completed. 

How to register

  1. Applicants can register via the NCI website; www.ncirl.ie/newstudents and click on the link to “Register online”.
  2. Enter your Username and password that you would have set up yourself in a previous stage. If you encounter any problems when accessing the MY Details section of the website, please contact the IT Support Desk on: Tel: 01 44989671/01 448667 or Email: itsupport@ncirl.ie.
  3. When you are logged into the My Details service you will see the details of your course on screen. To continue to the registration page, click on the “Confirm Place” link under “Services”.
  4. You will be presented with a number of steps to confirm your registration. Please follow the instruction on each carefully and ensure the information you provide is accurate.

Student Card & Login details

Provided you have paid your fees, you will be given your student card at your enrolment session. 

If you do not receive your card at your enrolment session, you will be able to collect it at the enrolment room (during specific times) for the month of September. For any issues regarding your student card or if you lose it, the Student Services team will be happy to help.

Free Fees

In accordance with a decision of the Government of Ireland, full-time undergraduate Irish/EU students will not be required to pay tuition fees. Tuition Fees will be paid in respect of EU nationals who have been resident in an EU Member State for at least three of the five years preceding their entry to full-time undergraduate third-level courses at National College of Ireland. Each student's eligibility must be determined on an individual basis. For more information on the free fees scheme visit www.studentfinance.ie and check the Fees & Grants section to your determining eligibility, as laid out by studentfinance.ie via.  


Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the awarding authority for all student grant applications. All students who are applying for the student grant must apply through SUSI. Please see www.susi.ie for more details. The student grant if awarded will go towards paying for Student Contribution Fee (SCF). 

Gym Membership

A student gym membership charge of €80 per annum, for gym usage for all full-time undergraduate students, has been introduced from 2008/09 following a referendum held by the students. This is a mandatory charge and will be billed to all students in advance of registration. Registration cannot be completed until this charge has been paid. All students in receipt of Higher Education Grants or VEC Grants are required to pay this charge which is not covered by the Grant Scheme. 

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